Weekly Gratitude

One of the people I’ve met since I started scrapping is Lori.  She has started the Weekly Gratitude Project.  I’ve decided to give it a try.  It’s a weekly thing, and I think it might get me back to blogging.  You never know.

This months theme is “Work.”  Hmm.  Grateful for work.  Hmm…  “The theme for January is work. This applies to work of any kind. It can be a job you have. It can be all the work you do at home. Or raising your kids. Or a volunteer job. Or school. And if you don’t work at all, you can make it about how grateful you are for that.”  I can do that.  Four weeks of being grateful for my work, and making four pages that say as much.

So…  Let’s be grateful for work this month, shall we?

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