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Jack said yes

This is the first LO that I’ve done since May’s LOAD challenge.  I’m always this way.  I work really hard on LOAD, then I pass out for a month.  I actually did this one last week, but I really do love how it turned out.  It’s got some hidden journaling, some memorabilia from the trip, not much…  But honestly, it is the story that matters most here. Andrea and I took Sean and Jack to Disneyland for Mickey’s Happy Halloween.  For breakfast, I made reservations at Storytellers Cafe.  Jack was … [Read more...]

A new card!

After finding that my scrap bag (and I’m pretty sure that that isn’t all) was thrown away by the cleaning people, I’ve been staying away from my crafting station.  But after my class at Scrapbook Island with May Flaum, I had so many new supplies I decided that I needed to at least clean up. After a bit of cleaning, the scrap bag did not turn up (nor did the other bag that I think is missing).  But,  I looked through the kits that May gave us on Sunday and said, I should make a card for Susan … [Read more...]