Maggie?!?  Howie picked Maggie?

What can I say? BB6 has been horrible this season. Yep, I watched. Yep, I had that 24/7 feed. I watched Maggie manipulate people, lie to others, and walk away with $500,000, the whole time claiming that she was an angel. I don't know how long it is going to take her to see the error of her ways, if she will even be able to one day... But she is no angel, she lies, cheats and steals just like everyone else does. I hope she falls off her high horse VERY HARD, VERY SOON. And, I want to tell … [Read more...]

Just a note to Ivette’s mom & Tush

Please smack your daughter upside the head for not taking Janelle to the final 2 with her tonight. I have no idea why she was in that house, or what Eric put in her Kool-Aid, but it wasn't to win $1,000,000. I'm so sorry. She could have won. Instead... I just don't know. She took my joy away today. … [Read more...]