Thank GOD, Janey!

First, did you see J-blow throw the HOH key across the lawn, and Janey gave her the finger on national television? That was AWESOME! Then, she was awesome in putting J-blow on the block, so smug! I just wish that she had put Evil-ette on the block instead of Maggie. That would have really had the coven on the run! I am just loving the turn about is fair play stuff that is going on right now! I can't wait to see which one is out (I'm hoping J-blow or Busted). Believe it or not, Janey or … [Read more...]

It’s all about BB6!

First, I haven't talked about BB6 for awhile, but I think it is time. Seriously. I absolutely detest Jennifer and April. Seriously. They go around and try to make deals, then go back to the "friendship" and say that other people are scheming behind their backs. They are so SMARMY. I really can't believe that Maggie is still playing a game that she feels Eric would be proud of. I mean really. When she and Eric see what kind of game they were playing... Damn. They are such hypocrites. … [Read more...]


All I can say is, Eric, pay back is HELL. I think the best thing in the world happened tonight. Kaysar won HOH. I don't see any reason why Janelle couldn't win next week. I am so excited about this game now. I was ready to give it up. I really was. But now, it really is a game, and listening to these people back pedal on the feeds... Boy howdy, what fun is this! Michael revenge is yours. … [Read more...]

The feeds, oh the feeds!

What a wild weekend it has been on the BB6 feeds. First, I can't believe I bought them. Seriously. I mean, I have so many better things to spend $29.95 on. Warning: spoilers in the extended entry... Then there was the fight. The fight between Eric and Michael. The fight that sealed Michaels fate in the house. I'm still not really sure what happened (damn fish), but all morning long that was one of the major topics of discussion. Then, there is the soft core porn called Michael and … [Read more...]

bb6 - Ashlea is OUT!

Ok, so that was no surprise. I mean really. The boys are still running this game. I did think the pairs were really interesting! I knew just the one Kaysar and Michael. That one was easy. Seriously. But Howie and Rachel? I didn't get that one. Nope. Not me. So, I think Kaysar is back on the block this week... And Jennifer Rachel. That's my first guess, and I'm sticking to it. … [Read more...]