LOAD, Day 6 - Dreams…

Little Girl Dreams?  What is better than that?  You know, there was never anything I wanted more in my life than to be married and have children.  Seriously.  That is all I ever really wanted.  I’ve been chasing it my entire life.  Seriously.  Ask any one of the men I dated in the past.  The Rocker used to tell me that I didn’t care who I was married to, I just wanted to be married.  Well…  When push came to shove, I did care … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 3, 4 & 5

Really, I’ve missed 3 days?  It seems crazy.  But true.  I cropped on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s been busy. Day 3: Who I am now: Wow…  I got the challenge and I started looking at old pictures.  I found one my my sister and I.  I decided to do it.  To just mention how I feel. This is how I feel.  That’s it. Day 4: How things change: Yeah!  Happier subject.  Great pictures of Sean at Disneyland in the same … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 2

My favorite picture.  Hmm.  I have so many.  I really do.  They are all of Sean and John.  But I decided to go with one of them sledding last year in Tahoe.  John was unemployed, we went to Disneyland, we went to Tahoe.  We spent money.  We had such a good time.  I was so happy to have my boys in a “vacation” type mode.  Knowing that John would be working shortly…  And life would go back to normal.  Ugg. So, I picked … [Read more...]

LOAD, Day 1

The prompt for today focused on food.  Wouldn’t you know it?  I have been working on an Easter LO with the left overs from my design team box for, oh well, a week or so.  I had put it away, figuring that I would finish it up after LOAD.  HA.  Once again, Lain and I are thinking about the same thing at the same time.  I had pictures of Sean eating a peanut butter egg.  PERFECT!  By 9pm I was done with my LO, and I was ready for the next … [Read more...]


It’s January 25, one week from today LOAD starts.  When I first tried LOAD last year, last February to be exact, I was scared.  I was sure that creating 28 layouts was well outside of my ability.  I was full of doubts and honestly…  I was so EXCITED.  I so wanted a new challenge.  I wanted to feel like all these papers, embellishments and tools weren’t just sitting around my desk gathering dust.  Which they do, sometimes.  How thrilled … [Read more...]

Pay Up

This weeks challenge was to do a LO in 30 minutes. I so missed the mark.  I mean really, even knowing exactly what I wanted to use after picking out the photo, I still preened the hell out of it.  I couldn’t decide what color letters I wanted to use.  Then I decided that I needed to use the washi tape.  Then I decided that I needed a car.  Then I decided that it needed brads…  The list goes on and on.  Let me just say that I am not a 30 minute LO … [Read more...]

Mom wants that SHOT!

This week at the Mother LOAD we were working on using products that we really like.  Many of us apparently horde the products that we love.  I do not have that problem.  I buy 2, 3, 5 copies of things I love.  That way I’ve got another when I’m ready to use it again. How I got started with this LO was…  I first decided that I was going to do a Christmas LO.  I love Christmas, and have quite the Christmas stash.  Then I picked my newest … [Read more...]

My scrapping process

Last night I got home and made a bird house out of a shoe box and a pencil for Sean.  He has a parrot toy that can go on his wrist, and he was convinced that he needed a house for the bird.  He wanted something made of wood.  I thought, there is your new shoe box.  It’s the perfect size for a bird to sleep in.  I used my exacto knife to make a window, then poked holes into the sides with my crop-o-dile.  I stuck the pencils through the holes, and there you … [Read more...]

Make Me a CAPE Mom

With all that is going on in the house right now, one would think I wouldn’t have time to make a LO.  Lucky me has the Mother Load over at Big Picture Classes, and assignments to do.  So, I was supposed to use old stuff.  I didn’t.  Most of this is from my last Studio Calico kit. So, I loved those pictures I took of Sean in his new cape I made him, so that is what I went with.  I also bought him some super hero pajamas, which he loves.  He really wants … [Read more...]

The Mother LOAD

I’ve been a bit behind on my Mother LOAD at BPC.  I still need to take a picture of my scrap space, but I’ve completed the first assignment…  Create a LO of why you scrap.  Honestly, I scrap because I want to remember everything about Sean.  I’m just starting to remember stories about myself and my family.  But, I want to remember these little things, and hopefully help Sean remember.  As always Lain gives a great challenge. This is a memory … [Read more...]