LOAD517 – Day 5 – Hiking Yosemite

"Magic mirror on the wall! What would you like the mirror to tell you about yourself?"  I'd like the mirror to tell me that I  am a great hiker.  And, that I am a very athletic person... And that I can hike up to Vernal Fall Bridge. My mirror does not say that. Today, I used a map of the Yosemite Valley Shuttle System as the main patterned paper for my layout.  I love using maps in my layouts.  They tell so much about a story.  A map gives a layout information that maybe you wouldn't have … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 4 – It’s my lucky day

I decided that I would scrap our October vacation, so today's prompt didn't really work for me.  "Tell a story about your childhood adventures in singing, dancing, acting, dress-up, or other ways you were the “center of attention”. Use tiny elements on your layout!"  Yeah, I'm not really in the mood to talk about my childhood...  Besides, I've got great stories I want to tell about the National Parks in California that we visited. I immediately thought about this Hambly overlay I had stashed … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 3 – capturing stars

Today, we were given the best prompt, "All the words! Tell a big story with lots of words in the journaling OR tell the story of a sound or quote you often hear."  Woo hoo!  Journaling!  I love journaling!  I knew the perfect story.  Death Valley. When we first got to the park, it was dark.  There was no moon, just million of stars.  I knew that I wanted to try to capture the stars.  I took a picture of, well, nothing.  Of course I couldn't photograph those stars with my phone. Last year I … [Read more...]

LOAD517 – Day 2 – resist

Our prompt for day two of LOAD was, "no words! Embrace the silence of the silent films."  FYI, the whole point of scrapbooking is the words!  I mean really, it's virtually impossible for me not to have a word or two on my page.  But, when I thought about it, the perfect place to scrapbook without words is Manzanar.  I was looking for something ethereal, but broken.  I had a specialty piece of paper that is more fabric than paper.  I had a piece of scrap that looked like old wood.  I wanted … [Read more...]

LOAD 517 – Day 1 – Amazing

Today, our LOAD Challenge was to "use a product on your layout that creates a special effect." I used a piece of vellum to attach this postcard that I had sent to the dogs when we were in the city. I wanted to make sure I could still see the postmark, and the hand writing... The postcard is so beautiful, I wanted to make sure you could really see both sides. I used what I had hanging around on my desk, Maya Road cameras, sequins, and a gold pen. This LO features pictures from our day. We … [Read more...]

LOAD524 – Day Thirty-One, Magic Awakening

Bah.  The last day of LOAD514.  The prompt, Dream Vacation.  Such an easy prompt.  Disneyland, of course.  Then Ireland, but Disneyland is my most favorite place on earth. I'll talk more about this LO when I update this post, but I wanted to make sure that I posted my last LOAD LO today... I'll be trying to continue LOAD every day in June.  Lets see how it goes. Where is your dream vacation?  Do you have more than one? … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Thirty, Matching Lives

Today we talked about special spaces.  I have no special places.  I do have great memories of the house on Grand Traverse Street, and the AWESOME closets.  But trying to find pictures of these closets would be the death of me, because, well, seriously, who takes pictures of closets. So, I had this LO sitting in my crafting area needing to be finished. One thing that I remember most about being little is that Marilyn and I always matched.  We had matching clothes, matching slippers, … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Nine, $1.25 Breakfast

Food...  I love food.  Today's prompt was all about our favorite foods...  I have lots of happy food memories from my childhood...  Mom's spaghetti & flank steak, Mom's cookies & pies, Vernors, Halo Burger...  And I was going to go there.  Then I remembered my Grandpa Dapper's love of a cheap breakfast.  Every town we went to with him, we had to find the cheap breakfast. When we lived in Troy, there was a breakfast place that he ate at most every day with my mom.  Their breakfast, … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Eight, 8pm Reader

Looks like the rush is over, and we are back to normal.  Yay!  Lain challenged us today to talk about our bedtime routines.  I don't remember hugs and kisses, like Sean gets every night, but I do remember the 8:00pm bedtime.  I hated it.  I was sure there was so much going on in the house after I went to bed. But, in our house, we didn't have to go to sleep. We could be quietly in our rooms for as late as we wanted.  So, I would read.  I read tons!  I would wake up with books in my hands.  … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Seven, She wore a purple hat

Today's prompt, a bit easier than some of the others, was magic.  Funny, I didn't really have a magic story.  I'm pretty much a realist.  I wasn't that upset when I heard about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.  It all made sense. So, I was talking to my dad on the phone last night and I told him the prompt was magic.  He said, well that is easy, you saw The Magic Show in New York City.  And I said, you are right dad, that is perfect.  I pulled out the slides from the New York City trip in … [Read more...]