voodoo, what voodoo?

saturday night was the san jose sabercats vs. the new orleans voodoo. gotta love arena football. i mean really. what could be more fun!

now, as of saturday, these two teams were tied for the best record in the league. 9-2. now, i can’t believe that my sabercats actually lost 2 games, but they did.

going to the game was kinda a pain on saturday. the sharks played (and lost, excuse me?!?) at 12, and then the sabercats were supposed to play at 7:30. yeah, ok, like that didn’t happen.

we got to the arena on time… i’m always on time. but low and behold, the arena made us stand outside until well after 7. the game was do to start at 7:30… it wasn’t until 8:30 that the game actually started.

i walked around the arena, trying to find a burrito for the hungry rocker, to no avail… he ate a bunch that night. not quite sure what was up with that.

anyhoo… then the voodoo got their first touchdown within the first 2 mintues of the game. then the sabercats lost the ball… at the end of the first quarter, the score was like 20 to 7. WHAT THE HELL?!?

i said to the rocker… well, that is the game. boy howdy. when i’m wrong, i’m really wrong.

the sabercats came back to 28 to 27 at the half. then, they literaly beat the crap out of the voodoo. by the end of the game, the score was 68 to 34 or something like that.

for the first time in a long time, i left the game 3 minutes early. the voodoo had given up long ago. so had the rocker. it was after 11… i’m thinking, it’s not like i can’t listen on the radio on the way home. and thus, i did.

the third quarter was just awesome, but the fouth quarter was just so one sided. poor voodoo… and next home game is the philidelphia soul. hmm their record is 2-9. that one might be a sleeper too.

needless to say, my san jose sabercats have the best record in the league, will be going to the playoffs, and at this point, have home field advantage all the way to the arena bowl.


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