Talk like a pirate!

It's talk like a pirate day! I think we need t' find an island, get a parrot and get us some booty … [Read more...]

My credit card has been partying hard!

So, when Visa called me to tell me that my credit card was being used in Chicago over the weekend, the guy told me that the person who was charging actually HAD a card in their possession. I thought that was really interesting, since my card was in my purse here in California. Today, the charges started hitting my account. Boy howdy, was this clone card having a good time in Chicago! First it visited Fairplay Finer Foods. The next day, it moved on to Menards & Wal-Mart, and stopped to have … [Read more...]

I hate being it!

The hippie tagged me! Why, oh why? I hate being tagged. I have 7.35 gigs of music on my work computer. That is 1,436 songs. I have a TON more at home, but that is at home, and I'm at work, so this is what you get, The last CD I bought was Deke Dickerson, Live on WFMU, you know you want it. You know you do. It's Deke for gods sake, and what a god he is! The last CD I acquired had to be the Tuckers 2004 Christmas CD. However, I'm hoping to get one soon from the Bradburys, the founder … [Read more...]

Wanted people to visit me in California!

I've been reading over at Snidget about her travels to meet other bloggers, then Cheeky did it too. How is it that I get in on this action? I want to travel to meet you guys! Or you can come visit me... The room is ready, remember? Ok, so I don't drink, but I get drunk by proxy, I promise! I promise a good time will be had by all, ok, once I get over the shyness thing. … [Read more...]

The little birdies are getting big!

A little while ago, I showed you a birds nest and 4 little chicks that were in there. This weekend, I counted 5 little birds in that nest. One is very large (front), and the other very small (back). I saw them all in there, but wasn't successful getting a picture that shows all 5. I'm really excited about my birdies. Daisy has finally figured out that they are there. Now she looks up at the nest, just like I do, trying to figure out what all the comotion is about. I can't imagine being … [Read more...]

Lookie what I’ve got growing at my house!

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What a fricking wild ride!

It's been such a long time since I have spent time here. It feels so weird not to blog. It really does. I wish I could say I had good reason. Only a few of you know why I'm not. I wish I could get past it, but it's hard. Grad school takes most of my weekends lately. I try not to give it too much of my weeknights, but then things have been so busy lately. I've got an 'A' in both classes. I guess I'm happy about it. Actually, I really did enjoy the midterm for the online class. It … [Read more...]

It is good to be a woman:

My mom forwarded this to me. It's kinda cute. It is good to be a woman: 1. We got off the Titanic first. 2. We can scare male bosses with the mysterious gynecological disorder excuses. 3. Taxis stop for us. 4. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing. 5. No fashion faux pas we make, could ever rival the Speedo. 6. We don't have to pass gas to amuse ourselves. 7. If we forget to shave, no one has to know. 8. We can congratulate our teammate without ever touching her rear … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

This morning I got to work and found this lovely email in my inbox talking about the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin. They said that I could "join the party" and watch the parade right here in sunny California. So, I did. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Happy St. Patrick's Day! … [Read more...]

The Surf Coasters

This weekend the Surf Coasters are coming to San Jose. My friend, the Man from Zeno, made this awesome poster for the event up at Bottom of the Hill. He is really excited about the shows... Including the free show at Streetlight on Sunday afternoon. He asked if I would like to join the festivities, including a pasta dinner before the Blank Club show. Tonight I confirmed all the details. Not really sure Miss Lisa is going to join us, but I think I'm going to go. It sounds pretty fun. MfZ … [Read more...]