planning a vacation

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since there will be no trip to new york over the fourth (i’m thinking now there was never going to be a trip over the fourth, it was another lie), i’ve made vacation plans.

i’ve bought an airline ticket to vancouver, i’ve made a hotel reservation, and i’ve been scoping out a day cruise. lucky for me, not only will i be there for canada day but, i’ll also be there for the vancouver international jazz festival.

i’m so excited. 30 days from today i leave for a very needed vacation.

on a side note… macromedia MAX 2004 is going to be in new orleans. november 1 – 4. i get to go. i’m uber excited. UBER. i’ve never been there before. i’m thinking it’s time to take up drinking. i’m sure it will be running freely.

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  1. ah you don’t wanna go to nyc on the 4th anyway… it’s neat and all, but sweltering and kind of annoying… since there’s a billion people meandering around…

  2. Good for you, you deserve it!

  3. Yay!  Daytripper!  You Go Girl..

  4. Drinking in Crescent City is great—they offer a 60oz plastic, transparent football beer which I’m quite fond of, as I remember—but they really don’t like it if you pee in the street. That’s more of a “note to self” rather than a “tell me about it” but a two-fer is always a good thing smile