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i’d really like a new digital camera. one with zoom. i have a olympus D-320L… i’m finding that the pictures are fuzzier than i want, and i’d really like zoom. REALLY.

i’ve been looking at the olympus c750. it looks like a good camera. it got excellent reviews.

does anyone have a camera that they really enjoy, and takes good close up pictures as well as scenery shots? do you love it enough to recommend it?

come on… tell me how to spend my $500 budget. forget tivo. i want a camera.

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  1. my dad has a c740 or c750. it’s a great camera. it takes great point and shoot photos, but i dont know about close ups. i find the digital zoom with anything comes out blurry. i’ve got an olympus d-510, and i can’t say i love it. the color is off (with no way to adjust it), and it’s zoom is pracitically worthless.

  2. I recently purchased a Canon A80 and I’m enjoying it so far.  I haven’t really put it to a test yet and I have alot more to learn about it, but I can say I like it much better than the Minolta DiMage I had before it.  Sony has a new cam out that looked interesting.  It’s very slim and compact, yet packs in 5 megapixels.  Another bonus, it has a much larger lcd than most others.  Sorry, I don’t have a model number.  I just remember seeing it when I was shopping.

  3. I shot a lot of the stuff on my site (linked) with one of two Fuji cameras; a 1 mega, and a 3 megapixel I just got last Christmas. I’ve been very happy with both, and they were both at the bottom end of the pricing scale. I’ve printed some beautiful 8x10s with the 3, and I’ve had loads of cropping room for Photoshop play for my graphics website.

    The bummer with digital, I find, is that even when shooting macro—a flower petal for example—the background is still fairly sharp. It’s almost like shooting with a pinhole camera, which I’m not quite used to yet.

    Here’s a thought though… I shot around 4,000 family pictures last year with the two cameras I have. My brother is still waiting for a digital camera with a removable lens (i.e., he can use his $800 Nikon 35mm gear) before buying anything. In the end, who is missing out on some great shots? Get something cheap for now while you research something great!

    Oh, and one thing about the zoom—go with an “Optical Zoom” and never with a “Digital Zoom.” An optical will work like a binocular or a telescope—it’s a physical, glass, scientific magnification process. The digital zoom is just magnifying whatever junk the camera can already process. You can do digital zoom in Photoshop if you need to, later—and if you’ve ever done that, you know how ugly, quickly, it can get!

  4. I have the D-320L myself, It’s not really a bad camera, but I with the resolution was a bit higher. I also have a Sony DSC-P1 which is nice. It’s 3.2 megapixel and has a 64MB memory card I bought, which is AWESOME.

    Since I took the photography class, though, I don’t think I would buy another digital camera unless it was an SLR. You might be able to pick up a used SLR in good condition rather inexpensively.