lucky girl, not so lucky sabercats

to be honest, on friday i had big worries for this weekend. BIG WORRIES. i don’t know why. i shouldn’t have, but i did. i think it was because the rocker and i would have gone away this weekend. well, we didn’t.

little miss heidi in the grass.  she is a mutt, westie and chihuahua mix.  don't you just want to take her home?  i know i do.saturday morning, i went to the dog park with missey andrea. daisy was pissed. she sat on my lap for about 1/2 hour. she really does hate to go. olive and little miss heidi (picture tomorrow) did much better. actually, just olive did better. this was heidi’s first time at the dog park. she liked it for a minute. then she was done. she is only 4 months old. i think her behavior was to be expected.

i really didn’t do much saturday afternoon. i worked on a new design… i’m still not happy with it, but i’ll get it. i know i will. i’m very close.

sunday, missey nikki came to visit me. we had a great time. then,l the sabercats LOST to the arizona rattlers. poo. double poo. that means if someone doesn’t knock out the rattlers in the post season, we won’t have home field advantage for the arena bowl. BUMMER.

then, missey nikki and i went to the mall. i engaged in more retail therapy. i’ve really got to stop. ever since the rocker and i split, i’ve been spending cash like it’s going out of style. hmm. this isn’t good. i look really good, but i’ve got to save for vacation…

then, we watched all those movies i rented on friday night. we ordered this yummy pizza, and ate shrek peanut m&m’s. today, missey nikki decided we should see shrek 2 (her second time). what a great movie! i really loved it! and, i didn’t have to go by myself. YEAH!

all kinds of fun filled activities packed into three days (and i even took a nap or two!)

my weekend was good, much better than i expected. i really enjoyed my time off. i’m still feeling a bit melancholy about the rocker, but every day gets easier. he didn’t want me, that has been made crystal clear. i’m thinking that if i can stop eating shrek peanut m&m’s, start riding my bike in the am, and think happy thoughts every day, i should feel ready to date again by the end of the summer. smile maybe i should have done the blogswan

i’m such a lucky girl. i’ve just got to remember that fact, daily.

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend, you needed it.

    Also? *drool* shrek peanut m&ms;…

  2. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better…