big brother feed, is it really necessary?

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when i still worked at aspect, and i think bb2 was on, i watched the feed all the time. i just adored the feed. i didn’t really watch, i just listened. maybe that’s why i got laid off… too much feed, not enough work. i even was known to watch the san diego zoo panda cam. of course, the panda is in china now, so it’s not available, but i did love my feeds.

last year gigglechick got the feed and i was totally jealous. i wanted to watch, but i was too cheap. by the time i decided i couldn’t live without it, it was almost over.

this year… i did it. i bought the bb5 feed. not only that, i had to watch the bb5 talk show with marcellas today. oh my god! i just adored marcellas when his cast was on.

so now i’m listening to my feed, and they are getting ready to do the power of veto competition. and you know what? i’m listening to a damn fishtank. are they going to have a show on saturday? HELL NO. so why can’t i listen to the competition? i don’t get it. i didn’t pay my hard earned cash to listen to damn fishtanks bubble!

good thing it’s lunch time. this gives me an excuse to leave my desk for a minute.

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  1. Well – at least you’ll be able to tell by the AFTER conversation who won, right? I’ve gotten the feeds before, but not yet this year, I am reading the recaps of them though.

  2. We bought a DVD recorder a couple months ago… I thought it would be for transferring those treasured HI-8 family “films” from the past. We just burned Disc #3 of BB5.

    Yes, we have all of BB4 on hi-grade VHS tapes, albeit somewhat poorly labeled and out of order.

    Oh yeah, and BB3 on official DVDs.

    Someone please get me a life? Please?