What is it about Desperate Housewives that I just don’t get?

Ok, so I’m sitting here watching the Golden Globes. Really I’m just watching to see glimpses of Heath Ledger, but you know. Anyway, I was really surprised that Desperate Housewives beat out My Name is Earl. Have you seen My Name is Earl? Damn, that is one funny show. And not only is it funny, you get a douse of good karma every time you watch. It has meaning. It’s good, in a good way. Then there is Desperate Housewives. I’ve seen it once. I just didn’t get it. I … [Read more...]

BB6 is 2 episodes in, and I’ve not said a word?!?

Ok, so I've been watching. Tuesday night, I was thinking how easily the girls were being manipulated. I don't know why it made sense to all of them to immediately kick out a girl, and that there wouldn't be a boys alliance... but hello?!? Those girls need to get a clue, and quick! Now, I'm kinda wishing that Jennifer had been put up on the block, and they took Kaysar off. I'm not sure I really like any of them yet. Zoot (it's her b-day today, happy birthday Zoot) and I were discussing … [Read more...]

Can anyone tell me?

Why I'm watching the Real World Austin? Aren't I getting a little old for yet another season? Oh Big Brother, where are you in my hour of need! … [Read more...]

30 Days is SO worth your time!

Tonight I had the absolute pleasure of watching 30 Days on fx. I really enjoyed Supersize Me!, so when I saw the promo's for Morgan Spurlock's new show, I set up the TiVo. What a GREAT show! The premise is incredible. Put yourself in someone else's shoes for 30 days. The first episode featured Morgan and his girlfriend living on minimum wage for 30 days. It was an absolute eye opener. When I was unemployed for 2 years, I had a ton of help. While I made no money, I had a mom who was … [Read more...]

Big Brother 6

I've been thinking about Big Brother for weeks. Just wondering when it's going to come back. Waiting patiently for it to show up on my TiVO. I keep checking, and nothing. So finally, I went to cbs.com to check things out. They say JULY 7th! July 7th?!? That is forever from now! It's wrong, damn it. Just wrong. … [Read more...]

Damn it.

How can I continue procrastinating if Lost is a re-run again this week... Oh well, lucky for me Daisy is chasing a fly tonight, so she is perky. I guess I could just watch her. … [Read more...]

Little House on the Prairie, revisited?

So, today I'm out looking around trying to figure out what happened to Life As We Know it on ABC. I pretty much think it's cancelled, but I'm not sure. Too bad. It was a really good show. What I actually found was that ABC is putting out a new Little House on the Prairie. I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I grew up with Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. I've seen every episode more than once. I am even tempted to buy the entire series on DVD. Now, I know they are not remaking … [Read more...]


I am dying to talk about the numbers last night if anyone wants to talk about it with me... on aim right now... daisydo! … [Read more...]


Just in case anyone cares, I hate both the finalists of bb5. I can't belive that Drew worked Diane over like that. I can't believe that Cowboy is in the finals. I don't even think I can stand to watch bb5 Tuesday night. Amish in the City season finale is Tuesday night at the same time. I think I'm watching that instead. I don't want to see those bb5 people anymore. Those girls let those boys work them over, and I hate it. Bah. … [Read more...]

Poor Poor Nik

So last night, Cowboy did the unthinkable... He evicted Nik. Now, I know that he said that he was keeping his word to Diane. I know this. But, I believe that he has been lied to. There is no way that Diane isn't going to take Drew to the final two. I just don't see it. She thinks she is "in love" and that Drew is the man for her. Yeah, ok, like long term romantic relationships are formed in the Big Brother House. I'll go with that. So, the only hope Cowboy has is if Drew dumps Diane. … [Read more...]