it’s all about the whales

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today i’m posting the whales that i took pictures of while in vancouver. there were lots that i didn’t take pictures of, but i liked these four. i think they were actually in victoria. the elvis one was in vancouver. that one was funny.


this one was outside the museum in victoria. they are getting ready to have an exhibit on egypt…


this one was outside a hotel by where the boats come from seattle.


this one was by the tourist center.


this one was outside the hudson bay company store… i thought it was ugly.

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  1. I love seeing vacation pics.  MORE!

    and thank you for the comment you left on my blog… it meant a lot, especially since I know how hard it’s been for you with the rocker situation.  you know whereof you speak.


  2. Love the pictures. They are awesome. I want one of those for my home! (hehe).

  3. Two years ago they had painted cows like that in London. Then they auctioned them off. I liked seeing them around the city, but I’m not sure I could have fit one into the living room!