My dads fathers day…

Included this nice little incident... Apparently one of his neighbours hit his parked car, drove over his front lawn, hit a retaining wall, and broke the water main to his house. Not too bad, I think. I remember when I was 16, and I crashed my 1979 Buick Opel. He didn't talk to me for 3 months. When the neighbour came to his door telling him that there had been an accident, he hugged her and said (about his 2001 jaguar), it's just a car. You know, I would have loved to had that kind of dad … [Read more...]


Here is the uber cute purse Missey Andrea got for me. Isn't it yummy! Here are the lovely presents from Ms. Lisa. See the change purse? Can't you see why I would covet? Aren't the balloons beautiful? And then, they are weighted with m&m's! How sinful is that? … [Read more...]

it’s all about the whales

today i'm posting the whales that i took pictures of while in vancouver. there were lots that i didn't take pictures of, but i liked these four. i think they were actually in victoria. the elvis one was in vancouver. that one was funny. this one was outside the museum in victoria. they are getting ready to have an exhibit on egypt... this one was outside a hotel by where the boats come from seattle. this one was by the tourist center. this one was outside the hudson bay company store... i … [Read more...]

vancouver was all about food!

this was our tea at the empress... after we started eating it. oops! this was my dinner... at the overview on grouse mountain. i had pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and beets. yummy! mom's dinner at the overview... salmon and some rice/potato/puff pastry tower thing. she also had beets. … [Read more...]


these are pictures of butterflies that i took in the crystal garden in victoria. they were so beautiful, i couldn't resist! apparently, there is a butterfly garden in victoria that mom and i really would have enjoyed seeing. oh well, maybe next trip. … [Read more...]

mom & me in vancouver

my mom is on the right with the beautiful white hair. that's me on the left, looking more like my dad each day. i'm not sure i'm happy about that. thats me in the chinese gardens... and me in front of a totem pole. i'm not sure i like that skirt as much as i used to now... me in front of virgin mega store, with the elvis whale. these whales were all over the city. … [Read more...]

what is it, part 2

when my family moved from michigan to california way back in the mid 80's, i had to give up my 1979 opel isuzu. i was bummed. i was told there was no way it would pass california emmissions. so, when we got here, my dad and i started looking at cars. we only looked at cars that were less than $1000. preferably less than $500. we saw a beautiful pontiac barracuda, a 1960's model mini cooper, a volvo 544, volkswagon bugs... we also looked at one of these. i still wouldn't mind having one. … [Read more...]

can you guess?

i went home early with the same tummy issues. in the parking lot at safeway, i saw this... anyone care to guess what it is? lets see, should there be a prize? yes... there shall be a prize... a postcard from vancouver if you can guess what this is! email your answer (and/or your address if you want a postcard from my vacation) to daisydo 'at' gmail 'dot' com. thanks to theresa for the gmail account! … [Read more...]

administration building flowers

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