bb5 feed

i love the feed… i do. i just wish that they weren’t so shallow.

warning: spoilers in the extended entry… so karen is taking holly’s place on the block. looks like they are still voting out lori. it erks me. i want those nasty metro-sexuals off. icky jace and scott. they are just nasty. now the girls are around talking about how they need hoh. i just hope they get it. and power of veto.

and how the hell is holly still there? really how? she is so stupid. have you heard her speak? there is nothing upstairs. not a thing.

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  1. When I heard about them switching today – I about died. I almost emailed you to chat about it.

    Scott is the most disgusting thing ever. And have you heard Karen bitching about adria/natalie how “she was ALL about game play and now she’s not doing ANYTHING” – one of the down sides of the twin thing.

  2. I’m not even Metrosexual, and I would rather hang out with Will than any of the headband dorks. I kind of like Michael… Something tells me they *had* to tell them the secret though, or project DNA would have ended up as project I-N-C-E-S-T by September!

    I’m pissy Lori left. I thought she was too fine.