what do you think of this photo?

me in phoenix at amy's wedding
so i’m thinking that my vancouver photos aren’t sexy enough for finding a date. do you think this one is better? maybe a little cleavage will help me out. hmm. not sure… but i’m going to try.

chin up! i’m a great girl, right? there has to be someone out there for me.

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  1. Okay. I really like that picture – that blouse is a great color. BUT – I really like the one with the striped skirt from Vancouver too. Can you use both?

  2. I prefer the holiday photos, but then again I am not sure how a guy looking at a dating site would judge them…
    But you look like a really nice person in them, who is really fun the be around.

  3. I think this is a beautiful picture of you!  I would use this one on a dating site, for sure!  You’re truly a wonderful person, don’t worry… you’ll find someone who will appreciate you!

  4. The pic is just fab for your needs!
    You don’t want to project something you’re not, and above shows the Gwen that I know w/reasonable sensual tease. You should feel good that you’ve got your best foot forward, that your ego isn’t writing checks that your whole package can’t cash. Now about those boudoir shots..

  5. My record stands in that I think you’re a fine Midwestern example of womanhood. In all honesty though, it kinda looks like you’re farming taters. Not a bad thing (I know I love them), but maybe a close up of you and daisy nose to nose? Maybe just you with a non-descript background like grass, sky or material (like in a big chair or on a stuffed sofa kind of thing?). I would assume the focus be on you, your smile and your eyes. Background should be secondary, that being true.

    Just another opinion, though I do actually get paid for decisions like this. Now… Ask me what the Red Wings should do next season and you’ll get a page of total blind responses from the heart—all of which probably would make no sense whatsoever!