busy week!

i feel like i haven’t spent any time at home this week. i’ve been out every night. i’m going out tonight… then my weekend is filled to the brim!

wow! how did this happen? should i be happy about it? hmm. i think i am!

the only problem is that daisy isn’t happy. the past two nights, she is been up at 2, rolling on the bed she has on the floor. i have no idea what she is doing, but she sure is having a good time down there! i talk to her, and then she comes back to bed. last night i said, “daisy, what are you doing down there?” then she jumped up, and sat next to the bed looking at me. i said, “come on…” and she came back up to bed. weird.

gotta love her, even if she is psycho.

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  1. You should be happy!