what you talkin’ bout south africa?

i’m not religious, let me make that clear. but the thought that a country would cancel christmas is just wrong.

i’m a HUGE fan of christmas, HUGE. i can’t wait until christmas every year. i make a christmas cd, i buy way too many presents, i send christmas cards.

i understand that for many, christmas is very religious. but for me, it’s not. it’s all about santa claus, snow and children. someone aught to take those politicians and smack them. what are they thinking?


  1. I totally agree. Christmas has become very commercialized – and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, because it makes it more inclusive to non-Christians. It’s more about the spirit of giving and happiness than about religion these days for many people. Stoopid politicans!

  2. now christian…  you know i was supporting your cause, and you have proven to me why people who say they are “christians” bug the hell out of me! 

    christmas is a celebration of christ’s birth, it is true.  all kinds of people and countries celebrate it differently.  no one is right in how they celebrate it, and no one is wrong in how they celebrate.  some of us love to give presents, and spend time with the children in our lives.  some of us believe that it is a quiet day of reflection of what christ did for the people who believe in him.

    i would imagine as long as people are taking a moment to spend time as a family on that day, christ would be happy.  christ was a very inclusive person…  i can’t imagine that he would want to discriminate against any one based upon how they celebrate…  would you?

  3. Unfortunately, non-Christians have basically turned Christmas into, as you put it, “santa claus, snow and children.” Sorry to inform you, but Christmas is about Christ’s birth, hence, it is a CHRISTIAN holiday. South Africa, along with every other non-Christian who wants to turn Christmas into a commercialized frenzy needs to keep their hands off of this precious day.