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and as a side note, bb5 was awesome tonight! NO MORE JASE and his urineating self! what a disgusting man. eww.

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  1. And the sweetest revenge was seeing his face when Holly came out to talk about their “relationship”! Did he look like a deer in headlights or what? He he…

  2. yeah! i am pretty dang happy about jase getting the boot! he grated my nerves.

  3. That man singlehandedly set back The Bandana as casual fashion, 140 years. It now must be only worn around the neck as a dust shield for equestrian trail rides… Only.

    Although Diane looked mighty hot in the Diary Room.

  4. i danced all night i was incredibly happy when jase left. i sure hope he gets some help on the outside because i do believe he was insane.

  5. I love the show! I am dying to see who people will “hate” now that Jase and Scott are gone!