free ipod!

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***making this sticky because none of my friends has completed an offer, and i really want a free ipod***
per polyester bride,

help me get a free ipod!

ok, so i went over to, registered, and signed up… now, if 5 others sign up (and do an offer) too, i get a free ipod! now, i’ve been dying for an ipod since i started working out… i was going to ask for one for christmas, but if i could get one free, that would be awesome!

so, help out this poor chica if you can… smile

as added incentive, polyesterbride is offering up a $20 gift certificate at to one of her lucky 5. maybe i should do that too… but how ’bout this? i’ll put the five names in a hat, choose one lucky winner, and then and transfer $20 CASH into their paypal account. because paypal is just like cash, you can put it back into your checking account. what, no paypal? pick where ever you’d like the $20 and i’ll put it there!

please, pretty please, help this girl get an ipod! yes, i know this is a pyramid scheme! so what? i want an ipod!

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  1. I’m working on trying to win one, too… but I’m not posting it on my site, because I’m trying to get one for my boyfriend… who reads the site.  So, I completed my offer started with my family and I got two people to sign up… but it’s taking forever to show that they’ve participated in an offer!  Argh!


  3. I gave up trying half way through. I think I’d rather PAY for the Ipod and keep my hair..  I’ve signed up for so many offeres for people and couldn’t get but like 3 to help me…