Working at work

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It’s quite intersting lately. When I’m at work, I really want to work. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I know it sounds strange to me. Normally, I’ve got an hour or two of figeting time. Then I have to watch the BB5 talk show with Marcellas… By the time I get my act together, it’s almost 11.

This week, and the end of last week, I’ve felt like I can concentrate. Isn’t that funny? Believe me, after a pretty dry summer, it’s nice to want to work. Now, I’ve got a couple of things on my plate, but nothing major… But, I’m even doing the crap things I don’t want to do. Can you say Academic Calendar revisited?

It’s nice to feel productive and needed. I still don’t have friends on campus, but I’m thinking that is going to change. I’ve been talking to people over at the gym in the morning. I really didn’t have a gym partner, and now I say hello to 3 people in the morning. We are all there working out, and it’s kinda nice to have this unspoken support. Ok, granted 2 of the people are students, but one is staff. It is a start.

Now I just have to decide that I really want to be there until 5:30. That is much harder. smile

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  1. What1s wrong with students? I am one grin
    I’m glad you are feeling productive!

  2. I’m convinced that every time I quit going to the gym its because I never find any gym buddies.  I know how important those are for motivating.

    Hell. I’d take someone just to go walkin’ with once in awhile.