98% done!

On Saturday, my kitchen got doors.  I can’t tell you how nice my kitchen is.  Really, I can’t.  I have yet to have an opportunity to work in it.  Between my different classes, and mini personal life, I’ve barely been home to spend any time in it.  My mom tells me that it is lovely.  There is so much counter space that it’s hard to chose where to work.  It’s very zen in there, except for the can lights.  They make the whole … [Read more...]

Gwen & Jessica at Halloween!

As promised, a picture of me in my costume. I'm surprised, we took a pretty good picture! Now, I think I need to make an under-dress that has a bit more color to it. … [Read more...]

Oh no!

found at Cheeky, who got it from Biting Nails: You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say? Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.Suicide93%Bomb67%Eaten60%Disappear60%Natural Causes53%Posion47%Accident40%Gunshot33%Suffocated33%Stabbed27%Disease20%Drowning20%Cut Throat0%How Will You Die??created with QuizFarm.com I think Cheeky and I need to talk more. Then we wouldn't keep having these strange thoughts! … [Read more...]

What a BLAST!

I had a wonderful time doing the whole Streetlight/MfZ thing Sunday. It's been a while since there has been a par-tay, and it was so great to see everyone. I will tell you that the Surf Coasters are an AWESOME surf band. They have so much energy. Streetlight was hopping! You know what else... Tabitha was wearing the sweater I knit for her. She wears it everytime I see her. That is really cool. … [Read more...]

Depressing reading

So, I've been doing a bit of reading outside my normal reads today. I went over and read I'm Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare. I found it in Snidget's comments. Her particular entry today was about a teenage girl who committed suicide over the weekend. I can not tell you how much this sadens me. Really, it does. This girl is local to me. The funeral was held in my new neighbourhood. I've seen the girls/parents that were the topic of conversation. I know what it is like to be better than … [Read more...]


So, I'm sick again. I was sick on my birthday, and now I've got the same damn cold less than two weeks later. What is that crap. As it is, I had a hissey fit on Thursday night and called in sick because I couldn't stop crying on Friday. Saturday, I looked at crap houses when I should have been resting and drinking lots of juice. Sunday, I went shopping with Andrea & Tabitha instead of resting and drinking lots of juice. I ended up passing out on Chris and Andrea's couch for most of Sunday … [Read more...]

Christmas at my desk!

Because we are going to be selling my house, I can't have a Christmas Tree at home. Apparently, unpacking your Christmas things to have to repack them quickly is not the smartest thing to do in the world. Go figure. So Carey at work suggested that I put a tree up at my desk. What a wonderful idea that was. I brought in my pink Barbie tree, put on some blue beaded garland, added some gifts, and there you have it! It's Gwen's Christmas Tree! I just adore it. It puts me in a good mood every … [Read more...]

New Orleans here I come!

Sunday morning I leave for Max 2004. I am so excited that I can barely sit here. I've printed out all my materials, I've got the hotel, the plane, the airport shuttle. I don't think I've missed a step. EXCEPT I forgot to ask if anyone wanted a postcard. Now, I have some of the usual postcard wanters addresses already in my gmail... But if you want a postcard from the big easy, simply send an email to daisydo at gmail dot com. I leave New Orleans on November 5, so let me know early so I … [Read more...]

Am I really sure I want a masters?

Things at work are getting a bit weird. My boss is going to retire in June (unless something else happens before that). One of my co-workers is also thinking of retiring. She is out on vacation for the next 5 weeks. Can you imagine, 5 weeks vacation, all at once? I can't. My boss and I have been having interesting conversations about my future in the department, and where she sees me going. I never thought I would want to get into management at the university level, but it seems that may … [Read more...]

Working at work

It's quite intersting lately. When I'm at work, I really want to work. Sounds strange, doesn't it? I know it sounds strange to me. Normally, I've got an hour or two of figeting time. Then I have to watch the BB5 talk show with Marcellas... By the time I get my act together, it's almost 11. This week, and the end of last week, I've felt like I can concentrate. Isn't that funny? Believe me, after a pretty dry summer, it's nice to want to work. Now, I've got a couple of things on my plate, … [Read more...]