It’s a sale!

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I took a minute out of my day to walk over to the library and return my library books. It is a lovely day here, about 86, with a nice breeze.

I noticed that there were a bunch of people in the friends of the libray store. I knew they were having a sale, 10 books for a dollar, but I thought that only applied to the tables. So, I looked around, and to my delight I found 3 cookbooks from the early 1960’s. I just adore old cookbooks! I picked up “Play Bridge and Cook Too”, “Family Circle’s What’s for Dinner” and my favorite, “The ABC of Canapes”.

I walked up to pay, and I was expecting to hear something like $2 a piece. The guy signed into the cash register and then said… ” That will be 30 cents” Are you kidding me? I got 3 really cute old cookbooks for 30 cents. I’ve got budget for that! Hell, I had that in my desk drawer since I don’t drink Diet Coke anymore!

Lets just say, it was a good day to go to the friends book store!

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