Archives for September 10, 2004

“Thanks Mr. Bush for the death of our son”

Via Cheeky Prof: Hey shrub! Now that you've aided in the death of 1000 Americans, can we consider you a terrorist and take you out of office? Oh wait, we have to have an election for that. Damn. … [Read more...]

It’s a sale!

I took a minute out of my day to walk over to the library and return my library books. It is a lovely day here, about 86, with a nice breeze. I noticed that there were a bunch of people in the friends of the libray store. I knew they were having a sale, 10 books for a dollar, but I thought that only applied to the tables. So, I looked around, and to my delight I found 3 cookbooks from the early 1960's. I just adore old cookbooks! I picked up "Play Bridge and Cook Too", "Family Circle's … [Read more...]


Last night the worst of the worst happened on bb5. Karen is gone. Diane in her infinate wisdom decided to keep nasty ass Cowboy (who doesn't apparently wipe unless it's a wet one). I'm thinking that at this point, Diane has burned so many bridges that there is no way she could win. I really don't think she could win against any of the remaining house guests. Now, why they are keeping Cowboy around is beyond me. I mean really. He seems to have the support of all the evicted house guests, … [Read more...]