It’s Thursday and my brain is still missing

It’s been a crazy, crazy week. Crazy. My house is now officially on the market. I’m a bit freaked about it. Wait, I’m a lot freaked about it.

Before I went to DisneyLand, I went and looked at this house. I thought it could be perfect and suggested that we bid on the property. Monday night we were given the bad news. We bid $620,000 with $5,000 cash to move in before the close of escrow. We thought that was a very good bid. NOT. This house had 18 bids. 18. 3 of which were over $650,000. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I can’t. I don’t get it. So, we aren’t moving to a house that is 1 house away from a pretty busy street, surrounded by 2 story houses, with no fence, $10,000 of section one termite damage, and needing to be tented.

Really guys. You are so happy you don’t live in Northern California. People here are insane.

So, now we have bid on this house. It’s 100 square foot bigger than the other house, in a different neighbourhood, and needs different work. The fireplace needs to be rebuilt, there is no fence (what is with no fences!), and $3,000 in termite damage. We bid $628,500, with the $5,000 cash so we can move in early. This house is a bit different than the other one. The seller disclosed that someone died in the house. {warning racist comment on the way} Asian people won’t buy a house that someone died in. So, there were only 6 bids on this house, because the Asian people aren’t bidding it up well above it’s actual value. {end racist comment} As of last night, we were on the top of the pile. We are offering more than 30% down. That means no worries about appraisals. We have a letter saying that we are qualified for the loan for the rest of the money. We are offering an As-Is sale (but that’s what they all are, As-Is sales).

I’ve been waiting all morning for my phone to ring. I can’t think. I can’t concentrate. I only want to know what is going on with this house stuff. I feel out of touch with my blogger friends because I’m not reading. I just want to think about/talk about this house crap.

I’m worried that I didn’t clean well enough for the stagers. I’m worried that we won’t get the kind of money we need to buy the house we bid on if we get it. I tell you what. When they say you need to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it, it’s the god honest truth. I asked for this. I really did. I just hope it turns out how I want it to. I guess I should have written what I wanted down. Then, I would be really sure I would be getting it.

Please wish me luck on getting a house. I really need it.

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    Gwen, how can you AFFORD that? More than half a million for a house? here, that much money would buy the friggin mall! My god. I mean, I knew Calif. had high prices, but that is just insane.

    One of the interesting (well, probably stressful for you) things about home purchasing are the things you mentioned i.e. about asian people. Sometimes you can find quirky things like that, and it makes it easier for you to buy a home. Stuff that other people won’t touch but you are OK with can often result in a good bargain for you. That is odd they won’t live in a house someone died in, though. I mean, people die all the time! I will have to ask jason about this (he is asian). He has told me before sometimes they can be pretty supersticious. (I spelled that wrong).

    Anyway, LOTS of luck to you, and well, I’m in pain for your mortgage payment! Are you buying this with your mom?

  2. Hey, I’m sorry the whole house thing is such a pain in the ass for you. :( I really hope you get a house you love (and in your price range). Sending good house karma your way.

    And…thanks for the post card! What a pleasant surprise amidst all the bills. grin