Archives for December 14, 2004

This year’s Christmas CD…

(click image for a bigger view) Now, hopefully those of you on the Christmas Card exchange list have already recieved this. If you haven't, I sent out a few more today. Next year, when you see my button, don't be afraid, just TRADE! And, for those of you who are curious about the little girl in the picture... That's me, circa 1972. I had just been hit in the face with a snowball. And, yes, it's true. I'm crying, not laughing. If you are interested in the playlist, just look in the … [Read more...]


So, I'm sick again. I was sick on my birthday, and now I've got the same damn cold less than two weeks later. What is that crap. As it is, I had a hissey fit on Thursday night and called in sick because I couldn't stop crying on Friday. Saturday, I looked at crap houses when I should have been resting and drinking lots of juice. Sunday, I went shopping with Andrea & Tabitha instead of resting and drinking lots of juice. I ended up passing out on Chris and Andrea's couch for most of Sunday … [Read more...]