Movies I don’t get to see!

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The Academy Award Nominiations were announced today. I’m kinda bummed. The two pictures that were given the most nods were Million Dollar Baby and The Avaitor. Unless I go by myself, I won’t be seeing either.

Nikki and I go to the movies once a week. Nikki used to work at Pebble Beach. Nikki doesn’t want to see any Clint Eastwood movie because she doesn’t want to give her old boss any more money. Can’t say that I blame her.

Nikki also can’t stand Leonardo. I kinda like him, even though after seeing his Oprah interview I think he is full of hot air. I don’t think there are many men alive that are as full of themselves as he is. smile

So this means no Aviator and no Million Dollar Baby.

Because of this Pebble Beach thing, there is also no Kevin Costner. That means no The Upside of Anger, which looks totally cute from the trailers. Why no Kevin Costner you ask? Because Kevin Costner tried to run Nikki down in a golf cart. It was bad form on his part, and thus, we don’t support him.

The only bad thing about Nikki working at Pebble Beach, she got to see the “stars” close up, and they didn’t twinkle quite as they should have. And now, I don’t get to see really good looking movies with her because of it.

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  1. I promised myself that I would see all movies nominate for best picture and all movies with actors nominated for best actor/actress.

    Now that I’ve seen the nominations? I’m kinda wishing I could take that back. Heh.

  2. ( I think my comment got eaten – I accidently closed the weekend instead of publishing it. duh)

    I made a new years resolution to see all the movies nominated, but now I kinda wish I hadnt. Heh.

  3. I really want to see Million Dollar Baby and a Very Long Engagement as well. I heard that both are very good.
    Are you sure there is no one else you could watch it with? I wish I could go with you, I really do!
    And what is it with Clint Eastwoos? Did Nikki used to work for him?

  4. I know I know.
    We can go see Clint.. or Evil Mr.Costner… I think I’m in the clear since I’ve escaped Pebble Beach and there for Mr.Costner can no longer try to kill me.

  5. If I were there I would totally go see Million Dollar Baby with you.  I want to see it.

    I can’t help it… I love Clint Eastwood.