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Oh how I love class!

Monday is school night. I think you might have guessed that from the last post. Tonight I actually had both my classes. Fun stuff. Actually, I don't really mind the class I go to. I was in rare Gwen form tonight. I had verbal diarrhea all night. I couldn't stop! I complained at one professor that the slides she used last week were not the same ones that she had posted on the website. I told her that was confusing to those of us in the audience who were prepared. Then I went off on my … [Read more...]

Reading, reading and more reading

As of right now, I have an hour and a half to read three chapters for class tonight. I doubt I'm going to make it. Seriously. I don't even want to read. Now, lucky for me I'm allowed to do a bit of homework at work. It's part of my contract. I get 3 hours a week. I am just not motivated to do it. This text has got to be the most dry text I've ever read. Wish me luck. … [Read more...]

Current Projects

I've been busy knitting (instead of doing homework), and I wanted to share... This is the olive green purse that I'm going to felt using the Tiur Dalegarn I got at Stiches. I'm really enjoying the pattern. I love that it's so huge right now. That means that it's going to felt up to the point that you can't see the stiches. That's the way I like it. I think the color is fun, and in the end, the bag is going to have a 40's feel. At stiches I bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in this beautiful … [Read more...]

Jamie Foxx!

Hello? He was the only choice. I like Leo, but damn, he is just to full of himself for me. … [Read more...]

Academy Awards…

So, I'm watching the Awards, doing homework and eating dinner. Then, the commercials started. So, the first weird one was Pepsi. Spartacus? What? Is this a new commercial? I just couldn't believe how absolutely stupid it was. I thought it was stupid when Budweiser used old movie footage to make a commercial. But to think that Spartacus would really want a Pepsi? Hello? What? I think I'm getting old. Then there was the McDonalds commerical. This commercial shows two Chinese girls … [Read more...]

Blogging on the couch

So, after entirely too long of a wait, my laptop arrived today. I'm sitting here, on the couch, taking full advantage of the fact that the people who owned this house before I did wired the place with cat5 cables. I just love it. It's very quick, and I've already installed all the work necessary programs... Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion. The only problem thus far? I have the home version of XP rather than the professional version. That means that I don't have a webserver to … [Read more...]

Hardwood floors!

Today when I get home, I should have the most beautiful hardwood floors in my two front rooms. For the past week, I've had guys working at the house, tearing out carpet, taking off the peel-n-stick tiles stuck to the hardwood, and then the sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing processes. Daisy and I have been dealing with no heat and strong smells since Monday night. Last night, I finally added the extra down comforter to my bed, and I wasn't cold. I think that the exercise will be worth … [Read more...]

Who said that?

So... With my day (yes, I'm still singing the song) in full swing, I asked around and borrowed some cash for lunch. I felt lucky that I had someone to ask, luckier that someone had some cash on them. Normally I don't. So, I'm walking to the Student Union and this chick says to me "Now that's a great outfit!" Now, as cute as I may try to dress... people rarely shout out random things to me. Ok, unless they are menatlly ill. I bet you are wondering what I wore. I know you are. Cute … [Read more...]

I’m having a morning!

This morning, my alarm actually went off when it was supposed to. I guess that's when I should have known to stay in bed. I got up, smiled at the fact that I could still tell i had asparagus for dinner last night, and put on my workout clothes. Then Daisy and I went for our morning walk, I opened her window, put food in her dish and blocked her from the front of the house. Then I even remembered to move the parking sticker to the other car, and I went to work. At 7:05 am, I arrived in my … [Read more...]

Lookie what I found

A knitting podcast! Don't you just love it? Tomorrow morning I'll be working out, listening to a knitting topic! Hell, maybe I'll listen to both topics... Althought the first one sounds kinda gross to me! … [Read more...]