Two sets of photos!

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Yesterday, I did a ton of fun things! I took a ride out to the end of the Knik Goose Bay Road. There isn’t anything but a private airport out there. I was disappointed. I thought there would be this beautiful view or something. There wasn’t. Just trees. There are a bunch of trees here. Lots of birch trees. Actually the birch trees are pretty, but it’s like in Ireland… You start getting tired of ruins in Ireland, in Alaska you start getting tired of trees.

I found this boat out in the marsh that I thought was so picturesque. So, I took lots of pictures of it.

Then I picked up my mom and we went to the reindeer farm. There was a moose. One male moose. There was a deer, and a ton of reindeer. Then there were elk. The elk were beautiful. Mom and I both fed the reindeer. They really liked my mom. It was kinda like being a kid when you go feed the goats. They tickle your hand…

You know, all these farms are just fields of dirt. I wonder how these animals feel. Are they happy? Hmm.

Last night we went and listened to an Irish music jam session. We thought it was going to be in a pub, but it was in a coffee shop. The music was good, and there were lots of people dancing Irish dances. Makes me think I’m going to find an Irish dance studio at home. See if I can learn how. I bet I can.

Mom and I drove home around 11. It was still light. That is weird. Light as 11 am at 11 pm at night.

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  1. I had that same feeling in Spain.  After two weeks, we were all saying, “Another palace?  Another cathedral?” 

    Alaska looks beautiful.  I have a friend who lives up there.  It looks like you’re having a really great time! =)