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I saw many mountains today!

I took this picture today while waiting for my mom to pick me up so I could go to the store. It's the view from our hotel. Isn't it lovely? This is what we had for dessert tonight. It's it lovely? even better it tasted great! … [Read more...]


I woke up in Alaska this morning. Without my luggage. Alaska Airlines sent the bag they forced me to check to Spokane rather than Anchorage. Yeah, I'm a happy camper. But it's lovely here. Absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, the digital camera card reader was in the bag they forced me to check. So, I can't show you how pretty it is... Yet. Hopefully, I will have my bag just after 1:00 today. If not, there is a Nordstrom (apparently there is no Target) in Anchorage. I'll just buy new … [Read more...]

weirder than cheeky and snidge?

from cheeky and snidget: You Are 40% Weird Normal enough to know that you're weird... But too damn weird to do anything about it! How Weird Are You? … [Read more...]

Spoil-A-Blogger 2.0

Cheeky has this AWESOME link on her page, and I should have it too! If you want to play, you'd better hurry! Time is almost up! … [Read more...]

Did I tell you that I LOVE my secret pal?

My spoil-a-blogger pal is the bestest spoil-a-blogger pal ever. I haven't taken a picture yet, but let me tell you how much I love her. She sent me a tiarra. Can you believe it? I know I couldn't. I've wanted a tiarra FOR-EV-ER. It's sparkly, just like the one in my pink tiarra skin. Then she sent this really cute door hanger that says "Shh! The princess is sleeping." I just love it. I should put a little apostrophe over the last "s" because Daisy and I are both princesses. Finally, … [Read more...]


All I can say is, Eric, pay back is HELL. I think the best thing in the world happened tonight. Kaysar won HOH. I don't see any reason why Janelle couldn't win next week. I am so excited about this game now. I was ready to give it up. I really was. But now, it really is a game, and listening to these people back pedal on the feeds... Boy howdy, what fun is this! Michael revenge is yours. … [Read more...]

My toe hurts!

So, one of the things I forgot to mention about Saturday night is that I accidentally kicked a rock. Let me set the stage... I was helping take things back to the car. I picked to take a cooler. I had taken my shoes off, because I was wearing flip flops, not good to walk in the sand with. It was really dark and the beach we were visiting had large rocks surrounding it. There are also rocks just under the sand. I was having a hard time with the cooler, but I was making progress. Then, I … [Read more...]

The feeds, oh the feeds!

What a wild weekend it has been on the BB6 feeds. First, I can't believe I bought them. Seriously. I mean, I have so many better things to spend $29.95 on. Warning: spoilers in the extended entry... Then there was the fight. The fight between Eric and Michael. The fight that sealed Michaels fate in the house. I'm still not really sure what happened (damn fish), but all morning long that was one of the major topics of discussion. Then, there is the soft core porn called Michael and … [Read more...]

Beach anyone?

Last night I got an invitation to go off to Santa Cruz... My friend Lisa invited me, and then Xeno called to ensure that I would be going. I thought about not going, then when I got the call, I just couldn't say no. I mean, how often do I get to go to a bonfire at the beach? Exactally. So, I went. Lisa, Xeno, the cute baby, Lisa's brother in law, his two kids, Jamie and Marcie and their two kids went. We found a great little place on the beach. We got there just about high tide. I was a … [Read more...]

Three…  Snidge thinks it could be magic!

Three things you like about yourself: - My beautiful green eyes - My long blondeish hair - My breasts (dr. pearl made them beautiful) Three physical things you don't like about yourself: - My stomach section - My inner thighs - My feet Three things that scare you: - bees - heights - dying alone Three of your everyday essentials: - mascara - cell phone - Daisy kisses Three things you are wearing now: - white cotton nightgown - pink panties - pink toe nail polish Three of your favorite bands … [Read more...]