Gwen & Jessica at Halloween!

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As promised, a picture of me in my costume. I’m surprised, we took a pretty good picture! Now, I think I need to make an under-dress that has a bit more color to it. smile


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  1. You look great!!!

  2. I love your costume! It reminds me of Bavrian / German traditional dress.

  3. Cute costumes..what do we have here a roaring 20’s girl and medievial gal??

    Do you dress Daisy up too??

  4. For some reason, I have this overwhelming urge to order a tall ale and eat a large turkey leg.  Is it me?

  5. Great costume!

  6. The costume is beautiful.

  7. Just found this web site, looking good ladies.

  8. I want your costume for the Renaissance Fair!  Just discovered your blog a moment ago and I think the colors are beautiful and I love the design…