New chair for the house!

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new heywood wakefield chairAbout six weeks ago, I decided I needed another chair for my living room. I started watching eBay religiously. I bid on several, including one that matched my set (ok so it was a whole new couch, but it was a sectional).

Finally, two weeks ago I found a chair, in my price range, that became mine! It arrived by Greyhound bus on Friday. I picked it up on Saturday, and immediately took it to be restored. I’ve got left over fabric from when I refinished my set, so it’s going to look like it matches! I’m so excited!

I thought I would share a picture of my new chair with you. Isn’t it lovely? It’s almost too bad that I wanted new fabric… The old fabric has a bit of sparkle to it! Can you see it? It’s a rocker. Such a lovely thing.

One more thing, did you know my birthday is Sunday? Did you? No? Now you do! smile

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  1. That is awesome chair. I hope you have a great Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! I’ll hope you are having a great day.

  3. Nice chair! Happy birthday Gwen. All the best. -Tom

  4. You share a birthday with my mom!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    And i like the chair very much.

  5. That chair has very cool lines!

  6. Hey Sp, Happy birthday.

    I’m just about finished your last package.  It’s a little behind schedule but never fear.

    Hey, in your list of random allergies, is Cedar one of them?  Just wondering!

  7. dang girl…so i keep checking your site..and see halloween and then when i get to check again..i have missed your b-day…i suck!  love ya and will email you


  8. so I re-read the post and discover I missed your birthday!

    Happy Belated Birthday!  Hope it was fun.

  9. Happy birthday! :D

    Now, now, any more guilty secrets? wink

    Oh, and before I forget: happy birthday!