Thank Dog!

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All I can say is last week freaked me out.  I so missed my laptop.  I spent the early week trying to figure out if I was going to buy a new machine or get the old one fixed.  I looked at ads, I asked for friends advise…  Finally, I went out on Yelp, and they saved me.  Yes, I found a place that fixes laptops to the component level.  Can you believe it?  AND they were 6 miles from my house.  I drove over, dropped it off, and less than a week later, here it is back in my loving arms!

So, what was wrong?  It simply wouldn’t turn on!  So, they replaced 3 parts, and charged me $189.  That’s right, only one hundred eighty nine dollars!  And it has a 90 day warranty on the work and parts.  I am simply ecstatic!  Go Gwen, go Gwen!

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