Archives for June 10, 2008

Oh yeah!

Hi secret pal!  I can’t wait to get to know you! … [Read more...]

Rolling over!

Now for the most important thing…  Sean. Sean rolled from his tummy to his back last night, with everyone in the family watching!  I couldn’t believe it.  He hasn’t been reaching for things, he hates being on his tummy (unless he is sleeping) and so, I thought he isn’t even close to rolling over.  But he did it!  I’m so proud.  He has been eating his bib and drooling quite a bit…  He is super cute.  I think tomorrow … [Read more...]

Rotating joint pain…

There has been a bunch going on, so I’m going to put things in separate entries. I finally went to the doctor about my rotating joint pain.  Not that I wanted too, but it got that bad.  I’m looking back and I haven’t mentioned having rotating joint pain…  Honestly, I’m trying to figure out when it started.  I know it was at least a week before May 17.  It moved from joint to joint, never going to the same one twice, ending with taking out … [Read more...]

Thank Dog!

All I can say is last week freaked me out.  I so missed my laptop.  I spent the early week trying to figure out if I was going to buy a new machine or get the old one fixed.  I looked at ads, I asked for friends advise…  Finally, I went out on Yelp, and they saved me.  Yes, I found a place that fixes laptops to the component level.  Can you believe it?  AND they were 6 miles from my house.  I drove over, dropped it off, and less than a week later, … [Read more...]