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scrapping this week…

So, lucky me made some scrapping time this week.  I’m beginning to get frustrated with myself because it’s taking me so long to make LO’s.  I think I should be able to get 2 done in an evening.  Nope.  From 8 pm until almost 11, I’m working on one thing.  Maybe it’s the television…  Maybe it’s stopping to take a fudgecicle break…  Maybe it’s talking to my husband rather than working.  I don’t … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Crop - Day 2

Unfortunately, I missed day one of the Breast Cancer Crop at Scrapbook Island Saturday.  Granted, I was driving 5 on the way back from an awesome evening trick or treating with Sean on Friday…  But still, I was really looking forward to this crop. I got in about 11:10, and didn’t get started until almost 12…  My first page, “Subway Ride”, I used the uber cool subway tape I bought on Etsy.  I’ve been dying to use it since I bought it.  … [Read more...]

Doubles Purge Swap!

I’ve been reading on the CK Boards, and trying to be a part of the community.  It’s hard, these women have know each other for a long time.  But I did try a purge swap.  Simply because I had doubles of things that I had no idea what to do with.  So, I’m posting the images of what I was sent, what I sent, and the two layouts I created.  I’m really bad at the brands of things, and I guess I’m going to have to get better at it…  Or just not care and hope people can guess, if they like what I … [Read more...]

Weekly Gratitude

One of the people I’ve met since I started scrapping is Lori.  She has started the Weekly Gratitude Project.  I’ve decided to give it a try.  It’s a weekly thing, and I think it might get me back to blogging.  You never know. This months theme is “Work.”  Hmm.  Grateful for work.  Hmm…  “The theme for January is work. This applies to work of any kind. It can be a job you have. It can be all the work you do at home. Or raising your kids. Or a volunteer job. Or school. And if you don’t work at … [Read more...]