Vacation Scrapping Progress

About three weeks ago, I had my appendix out. What a scare.  I stayed over night for two nights, and had such an intense pain.  It hurts crazy bad.  I’ve been unable to sit for long periods of time because, well my belly button hurts.  So, I was making tons of progress on my vacation album, then it all came to a stop.

Luckily, Scrapbook Expo helped get me back on track!  While my husband’s birthday normally falls on a Expo day, this year, it fell on the Sunday, and we only cropped on Friday, so it all worked out.  Woot!

The album I’m creating is part Project Life, and part traditional LOs.  I’ve been picking stories I want to tell, and then making those stories LOs.  One of the best finds we made in London was Vicky Park.  It is an incredible park!  I really wanted to showcase the awesome ways that Sean played at the park.  His favorite was a huge rope swing that looked like a snake.  I swear 10 kids could ride on that swing!  I’m still stash busting, and this was an Echo Park kit that I got at the LAST Scrapbook Expo!  I used a single piece of flair, and a sticker, and bamn!  I’m really loving the graphic nature of my scrapping lately.

LO: Discover Vicky Park

Next I pulled out my Simple Stories 24/7.  It’s a great line, that I’ve been hording.  I really wanted to talk about the time I spent at the British Library.  I even have a Library Card!  But, I forgot to take a picture of the room, of the building, of any of it.  And my husband’s pictures had nothing as well!  What I did have was a photo the book that I wanted to use for my DAR application.  I also had a postcard that I bought of the building.  And there you have it, another story down.

LO: Genealogy Pit Stop

Finally, I cropped about one of the many geeky moments my husband had in England.  This was a math geeky moment, at Charles Babbage’s Difference Machine 2.  All I know is that is adds and subtracts numbers.  And that it is accurate.  And that another guy asked me to take his picture in front of the machine.  He was having a geeky moment as well.  Again Simple Stories helped me out with lots of numbers in the 24/7 line.  I love how it turned out.  And while it is similar to the genealogy pit stop, it does have differences, and my husband loves it.

LO: Difference Machine 2

How are you documenting your summer vacations?

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