More Ephemera!

Before my appendix came out, I was pretty prolific. Now, it’s still hard to sit for long periods of time. My poor belly button will never be the same…

But I was talking about using ephemera. And, I’ve been using tons of it. Not just for vacation LO’s. For just about everything. What is great about this, is that my personal style is standing out clear as day!

Right before we went on our big trip, we went to Bottle Rock. It’s a huge three day event in Napa with bands of 5 stages. Not really the right place to take a 7 year old boy with attention issues. But, that’s ok. We went anyway, and had a great time!  What I love about this ephemera is that the program had a map of the venue, and where the stages all were, but there was also a list of all the shows, what stage the band was on, and the time you could find them playing.  I was able to cut up this program so easily!  I used one of their titles as my title, and then included the time table.  I love how it came out.  I really hate the number journaling…  But, I love everything else!
LO: Bottle Rock

Next, John and I were lucky enough to be invited to my friend Serena’s engagement party.  I kept a straw, a napkin that was stamped with a mason jar, and a ring that was in the cupcakes!  I can’t believe how this came out.  I love the filmstrip photos we took home, and how easily this LO came out.  Serena even gave me the red glitter heart.  What I loved best was that I was able to bend that ring without breaking it!  I had red glitter Thickers, and my favorite $1 letter stickers from Target, and bam!  Another LO down!

LO: He Put A Ring On It

I hope you are using ephemera!  I’ve got more, so look forward to some Disney LOs, with non Disney colors…

I’d love to hear how you are using ephemera!  Drop me a comment and let me know.

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