It is amazing what kids cling to.  It really is.  There are days when I hear “butt” or you said “butt” or you said “bootie” for no less than 4 hours a day.  To say that my son is infatuated with the human body would be a understatement.  Based upon experiences with his friends, I believe this is absolutely normal 7 year old boy behaviour.

So when we went to Edinburgh Castle, I played devils advocate.  I suggested to Sean that not only are the guards wearing skirts…  They are not wearing, dare I say it, UNDERPANTS!  No boxers, no briefs, no granny panties, nothing.  They are totally commando.  The commando comment required additional clarification, but whatever.  NAKED UNDER THERE!

Sean could not believe that anyone would ever choose NOT to wear underwear.  I said, go ask, they will tell you.  And wouldn’t you know it, he wouldn’t ask.  We got over to the super cute guards, and he went silent.  So, I asked.  Those 18 year old boys were so sweet.  They confirmed that they were not wearing underwear.  They also told us about the fact they were not allowed to wear underwear.  We learned about their service, and how they were placed at the castle.

Sean could not let this go.  He talked about it all day.  Then he asked what happened in the wind.  I explained that is what all the feathers were about in the front.  To hold the kilt down in a breeze.  He thought this was beyond amusing.  Thus making this a perfect story to scrap!


I used a very old piece of paper from a Studio Calico kit.  Thickers, Prima letters, and two pieces I cut out from the Edinburgh Castle kids hunt paper, and there you have it.  Quick, easy, down and dirty.

How do you document the funny stories?

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