LOAD218 – Day 7

Today there was two prompts, one about advice and the other a time trial.  Yep.  You guessed it, I did neither.

Today, we have John guarding the John.  It was so funny.  The morning had not gone well.  We got stuck in a rain storm (story to come later), we missed breakfast and decided to eat at the park (story to come later), we saw a ranger presentation which let Sean be a junior ranger (story to come later), THEN, we went to the bathroom.

Now bathrooms are fun in National Parks.  So stinky.  So filled with flies.  Normally, however, there is rarely a line.  Today, there was a line.  I’m pretty sure that was because we were at Yellowstone.  Yes, that wonderfully huge National Park.  It was raining earlier, and was now misting/light raining.  We were trying to stay dry.

Sean has this thing about locking himself into the bathroom.  The door wasn’t locking well.  So, he was freaking out.  John said he would guard the door to ensure no one came in.

I was so amused.  I even posted on Facebook.  John guarding the John.  Still cracks me up.

LOAD218 Day7

You know process on this one was weird.  I was going to do a different LO.  Sean playing giant chess in Green Bay, where he and this guy were giving each other Pokemon Go advice.  I thought it would be perfect.  I went onto Facebook to find the post where I talked about the guy.

And there it was…  John guarding the John.  I didn’t care about that guy anymore.  I just wanted to tell a funny story.

I went looking for a wood grain paper, and I found this.  I don’t know where it came from.  It was in my stash.  I mounted the picture in green, and started looking at my ephemera.  The bear county visitors tips was a given, as was the elk stamp from a prestamped envelope.  I had planned to journal on the envelope, but changed my mind.  The bison was from a bookmark at the general store (across the street from the John).  Honestly, I was looking through my scraps and found the sticker sheet, from a long ago Gossamer Blue kit for the deer and the hummingbird.  I bought the deer clip years ago from a etsy store in London.  They are amazing.  I bought many packs.  I added that little teal butterfly, and then the title.  Wham bam thank you mam’, two hours later.  Sigh.


What about you, do you have a funny story to tell?

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