LOAD218 – Day 8

Our prompt today was about moving forward, or a recent memory you might forget, or forgotten things in your stash.  Well, this prompt worked for me.  I used the picture I had planned to use yesterday.  It was a good memory that was going to get lost.  I had already forgotten about what Jason’s name was.  And, I did use things I had forgotten I had!  Go me!

When we were on our way to Michigan, I needed a stop between Iowa and St. Ignace.  I chose Green Bay.  I have no idea why.  But, I’m so glad I did.  Green Bay has a game store chain called Gnome Games.  There are three locations!  The first was right by our hotel.  Literally right down the street.  One was on the other side of town from where we were, and the third was on our way in town.  The first one, on the way into town, had a card or two, but nothing super exciting.  The one close to the hotel had a decent selection, but we didn’t buy anything.  The third one…  That’s where things got interesting.

The third store was huge.  I’ve never seen a card store so huge, and I’ve seen many a card store.  To say that there were interesting cards is an understatement.  They had great cards.  There were several that Sean wanted.  He got them, of course.  The gaming area was insane, including a ginormous chess set.  After Sean picked out his card, we went to the gaming area to see if anyone was playing Pokemon.  No one was.

But there was this guy hanging out just waiting for a friend to come play Magic with him.  The friend was late.  Sean started talking to him about Pokemon Go, and then Pokemon cards, then chess.  Then I played chess, and Jason (the guys name) played chess.  For just about an hour, Sean played with and talked to Jason.  It was like I didn’t exist.  I was so grateful that he had some different company.  I wished it had been a kid, but it’s amazing to me how many late 20-something men get Sean.  They say, I was just like him when I was that age.

I don’t know if that’s really true.  ADHD is a very interesting thing.  I can’t imagine that all these guys were this busy, but I’m sure there is some truth to it.  And, I’m glad so many people don’t see him as an annoyance.

Process…  sigh.  Last night I put this together.  I really wanted to use this buffalo check paper.  I love that it looked like a chessboard.  I then started looking for things to go with it.  Lucky me!  I found this old paper pad that I had.  I think this is a Teresa Collins line that got sold to Michaels.  I had some left over elements that matched from the original line, and then lots of paper.  Woot!  I had forgotten I even owned all those elements!  I also found some Jillybean Soup words, and there was my title, hello friend.  I put the adhesive on the elements before I picked up Sean from school.  I made a small change, but otherwise it’s basically the same.

As a side note, I always tell Sean that there are lots of new friends when we go places, like parks and the like, where kids are.  So, he always looks at things that way.  Sometimes I worry about him talking to adults we don’t know, but we’ve been very lucky.  And we have found that everyone is a new friend that we just don’t know yet.  Do you find that too?

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