LOAD218 – Day 10

Today, our prompt was what do you experience or find joy in when life slows down? OR create a LO that has a temporal element in it, like a clock, timer, stopwatch, etc. I LOVE adding clocks to my LO’s so that is where I was heading. I thought easy. It’ will be done fast.

Yeah. That’s what I told myself.  I decided that I would talk about Devils Tower National Monument.  When we decided to go to Devils Tower, we had time.  Then we decided to spend FOR-EV-ER in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time in Rapid City.  We shopped, and shopped, and shopped.  Something that we had not really done the whole trip.  Yeah, I did a bit in Petosky, but John wasn’t there to enjoy all that Michigan goodness.

When we finally hit Wyoming, we were late.  Then we found the visitors center.  We hung out there for awhile.  The woman at the counter suggested we take the route that added 10 minutes to our drive.  So, lots of time elements that I could add.

I started looking at my ephemera.  Nothing fit.  Not one thing worked.  I was feeling out of control.  Then, I thought to myself, why don’t I make it look like the brochures.  And that’s what happened.  I added a bit of washi tape, and I was happy.  It’s funny.  I had planned to use a clock, and in the end, no clock.

LOAD218 - Day 10a
We ended up doing the trail that goes around the Tower. It was a very mild trail, that was partly shaded. There were lots of families, but most of the time we were by ourselves. We looked several times to see if we could see anyone climbing the Tower. Someone else thought they saw someone, but we never did.

LOAD218 - Day 10b

While we were at the Tower, we saw some Mule deer.  Sean couldn’t get enough of them.  We took video of these deer.  All they did was eat, but who cares?  Nature is wonderful.

LOAD218 - Day 10c

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