LOAD218 – Day 13

Today we were looking at a precious moment OR keeping things simple, one embellishment and a one word title.  Ok.  One.  Just one.  I can do that, right?

So, I started out thinking that I wanted to keep working on the first day of my trip.  Our next real stop was a pull out on I-80E.  It was cold, it was misting, it was beautiful.  The perfect foil to the sugar sweet LO I did yesterday.

I knew I wanted to use a wood grain paper.  I have a bunch of Hambly wood grain overlays, but I wanted to use brown.  So I started going through my stash.  There it was, the perfect wood grain.  I mounted my photos on gray, because it really made the pictures pop, it also looked good on the wood.  Then I found these great HUGE letters in my letters box.  I used an about California card, a clock, a house with a heart, and a smile.  I know it’s a bit more than one.  Just a bit.  But, it looks so good.  I’m super happy with it.

LOAD218 - Day 13

This stop we were both happy to get out of the car and stretch our legs.  The cold air felt good, and the view was incredible.  Woot, another vacation LO done!

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