LOAD218 – Day 17

Day 17.  Saturday is finally here.  I can work in the morning, I don’t have to work in the dark.  Woo hoo!  Let’s look at today’s prompt, shall we?  How have your friends helped you become the person you are now OR use the gallery and let one of the LOADsters influence you.  Yep, I can do both.

Well, I found a LO that I really liked.  One that was digitally done.  I really like digital LO’s.  They are so pretty, and you can do ANYTHING you want.  However, most of the time, I worry that if I tried to duplicate it, my page would be an inch thick.  I also think that sometimes people use too many realistic things, and they look weird.  Anyway, I found one that I thought I could duplicate.

I knew that I wanted to talk about my friend Nancy.  We were best friends when we were 10 – 13.  I love Nancy.  She is amazing.  She was the reason I went to Michigan.  I have a couple of pictures of us from the trip, but I liked this one the best.  I found this awesome yellow heart paper, and I knew it was right.  I decided to use navy blue as my secondary color, as it’s UofM colors.  Nancy loves UofM.  Me too.

I made lots of little hearts and then placed them in a diagonal.  The page I lifted had flowers, and I found some flowers.  I used a title I’ve already used, but still fit.  Those hello’s are awesome, btw.  I think they are Jillibean Soup.  Then I typed out my journaling because, well, I wanted to write a ton.  It made sense.  It all just came together so effortlessly.  I’m super pleased. LOAD218 - Day 17Let me just say, I love Nancy.  Being with her was like it always was.  She felt like home.  I really needed that.  I can never thank her enough for that.

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