even a ceo needs a fall back job

quoted from the NWU BizTech Offshoring Project: Last month, Scott McNealy, CEO of SUN, blasted tech workers as clueless droids. Here's Scott quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle: Alan Saracevic: "What is going to happen to the American worker if all the jobs went overseas?" Scott McNealy: "You sound like a piano player in the old days when there were 35,000 piano players playing in front of every movie theater when they had silent movies. You're saying, 'Who's going to employ all of us now … [Read more...]

pipe bombs in davis

my cousin cinder lives in davis... one of her kids (her youngest, luv) went to school yesterday only to be evacuated at 2:00pm. all this because two kids brought pipe bombs to school. what is this world coming to when a 11 year old boy and his 14 year old brother think it is the right thing to do to build a pipe bomb, and then bring it to school... and then put one in a trash can, and hold on to the other. luv knew one of these kids... she sat behind him in math class. how do you help your … [Read more...]