When in doubt…

Buy one of these... Seriously. Nothing is better than watching a stupid flower rocking back and forth on your desk. Ok, I lied, but that's not an option for me right now. This is. … [Read more...]

Deco Show in SF

I think that this Saturday I'll be heading up to SF yet again. Not to the Haight this time, but to downtown. You see, the annual Art Deco Show and Sale is this weekend. Normally, I forget. For two years, I've been forgetting. Lucky me, I remembered about 2 weeks ago, and I wrote it down on the calendar. YEAH! Now, after my shopping spree of last week, one would wonder why I would torment myself by going to the deco show. Well... Let's see. I am going to torment myself because the house … [Read more...]

Today’s song

Today's Song... Enjoy! remember, right click, save as. … [Read more...]

Lookie what I found

A knitting podcast! Don't you just love it? Tomorrow morning I'll be working out, listening to a knitting topic! Hell, maybe I'll listen to both topics... Althought the first one sounds kinda gross to me! … [Read more...]

Just a song…

How I'm feeling today... and remember, right click, save as. … [Read more...]