Deco Show in SF

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I think that this Saturday I’ll be heading up to SF yet again. Not to the Haight this time, but to downtown. You see, the annual Art Deco Show and Sale is this weekend. Normally, I forget. For two years, I’ve been forgetting. Lucky me, I remembered about 2 weeks ago, and I wrote it down on the calendar.


Now, after my shopping spree of last week, one would wonder why I would torment myself by going to the deco show. Well… Let’s see. I am going to torment myself because the house still needs some perfect pieces. I need knick-knacks. I need art. And, lucky for me, this kind of stuff comes out of the house fund.

Now, the last time I went, I didn’t spend more than $100. I got the cute chrome basket that sits on my mantle. I would like to find more things like that for the house… And, do so spending less than $100. Wish me luck.

Hey… if anyone wants to join me, I’m up for company.

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  1. M-town sucks.  Why can’t it be closer to SF!!!