hawaii day in the hall

yesterday, my admin asked me to make-up a little postcard for a hallway event this week. i went over to istockphoto, then to stockstash looking for an image... of course, i decided to use the image the hippie uses for her website. it's such an awesome image! who can resist... i'm going to make pineapple upside down cake for the party tomorrow. nope, not on my diet, but i can have a piece, right? this morning i started my workout. i did 20 minutes on the recumbant bike and 20 minutes on … [Read more...]

the passat

so this morning i was paying the rest of my monthly bills, and i decided to take a peek at my balance on my car loan. it said, loan balance: $1.09, next payment $423.54 on August 6 so you know what i did? i paid off my car loan. i paid the $1.09, and then the whole loan account went away... it was so cool! my car is now free and clear. all the little bumps and bruises that once happened to someone elses car, now are all mine. i bet i'm even going to get a new title now, one that says … [Read more...]

actually working

you know, i've been working today. and i've been having a blast. i've been changing a report i already wrote, and re-orienting the output. very fun. then i gave advice to some friends. now i get to go to gno. i think i might be feeling better. and hell, if some dude doesn't want to date me, that is their problem, not mine. i'm a hell of a good catch. ask the rocker, he'll tell you. … [Read more...]

more daily whining

daisy is back from the groomers, she is so beautiful! i just love it when she is really clean. i hate to give her a bath because she really hates it. so, sending her to the groomers really is ideal. i meant to take a picture of her last night (before she got a chance to get dirty), but i forgot. i've also lost my current library read "things my girlfriend and i have argued about". i had it at therapy last night. god only knows where it is now. i remember putting it in the car, but damn … [Read more...]

home again, naturally…

i haven't eaten anything but saltines and ginger ale for the past 48 hours. my tummy is still a mess. so, this morning i went to the doctor. he told me that i could eat some toast with jam, and to water down the ginger ale, i'm just going to stick with water. he gave me some prescriptions. we shall see if things get better. then they took blood. i hate needles. hate them. i didn't even cry, i screamed, but no tears. i think they took 3 vials. i got light headed (go figure, i've not … [Read more...]

nothing to say

my mom always told me if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. i'm not saying anything. i just adore the people i work with... i adore them. … [Read more...]

the governator lets the state grieve

you know, there are lots of good reasons to work for the state. tons... this week, the best reason to work for the state is that the great governor of the state of california has given his employees a day off to grieve the passing of president ronald reagan. thus tomorrow, daisy and i get to sleep in. then we get to go return my movies, then i get to go to the mall. i find retail therapy always helps the grieving process, don't you? thank you, oh wonderful governator! … [Read more...]

moving day

today, our office moved from one side of the building to the other. it's been an icky process. icky. not that i like work, but it's been one more "lets not tell gwen what is going on" thing. whacha going to do. not much. go with the flow and move on. lucky for me, i didn't have much to move, and i'm already set up. other people are still moving stuff. it's crazy the amount of stuff that they have in this office. boxes and boxes of personal stuff. i moved everything in 4 paper boxes. … [Read more...]


i'm having a really hard time concentrating today. at my "session" last night, we talked about relaxation techniques, and how they should help with this. i'm wishing i had brought the tape with me. this flitting from my weekend walks in britain book, addiction solitare, bloglines, and cold fusion is starting to get un-nerving. i just wish i could concentrate today. i tell you what, if the cleaning lady wasn't coming today, i would have stayed home. but i get HUGE guilt when i'm at home and … [Read more...]

it doesn’t really smudge…  really!

last weekend i purchased my first smudge pot. i was doing some retail therapy, and i thought it would be fun. little did i know that i was going to do 3 hours of crying. i went upstairs to fix my face to find... I WAS STILL WEARING EYELINER. i had no mascara left, but this eyeliner was in tact. i love this stuff. i now have 3 colors, grey, brown and plum (really purple). … [Read more...]