last night as carey was leaving the office, he said "would anyone like flowers from the flowermart? i'm going". now, carey has been uber nice to me since this whole rocker thing, and so i said "i'd love some pink glads". he said he would see what he could do. this morning, on my desk was a small bouquet of pink and white carnations, with all the fun bouquet extras. i'm so touched. he said the glads wern't worth buying and the flowers were really just extras from his project. regardless of … [Read more...]


have i told you how much i dislike my group? i mean really, have i told you? yet again, i'm not invited to a group function. they have all gone off campus for lunch. i hate that. i really hate that. … [Read more...]

fire & ice

last night my boss gave me a ticket for the annual hospitality management fundraiser, fire & ice. it was held at the convention center downtown san jose. apparently this is a big deal event, where all the hospitality management majors run a "coctail" hour. actually it was from 6 to 11, but they had appetizers and tons of desserts. normally, i hate going to these things alone. what am i saying i hate going to this kind of thing alone. i'm not much of a social butterfly, and normally i just … [Read more...]

this is a drill.  it is only a drill.

we are having an emergency drill in about 8 minutes. we have to go stand in 7th street. it's going to be a day... it really is. … [Read more...]