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buying art

i've been buying art as of late. a lot of art. the gofish inspired me with her purchase from travis. i searched thru travis' work and purchased "ben". i didn't quite know what to do next. i thought about it for a couple of weeks, then i went wacko. stinky was next. then, there are so many more... i'm now in arrangement mode. i've got all the pieces on the floor, trying to decide how i like it best. hmm. i'm not sure this is it, but it does show all but 4 pieces that i own. 2 are on … [Read more...]

a victory for the sabercats, and for me.

as you may recall, i was supposed to go to the sabercats game with my nephew on friday night. i made all the arrangements with my ex-brother-in-law. i bought an extra ticket, i was ready to go. let's just say that things didn't work out as i had hoped. thursday night, the rocker and i started calling around to see if anyone was up to going to the game. at 10, i was looking for anne on aim, and ms. nikki caught me and asked me if the baby had been born yet. i told her yes, and then told her … [Read more...]

tabitha audrey

isn't she lovely... … [Read more...]

squirrels?  drink coffee?

i bought this squirrel painting on ebay the other day... i showed it at work today, and carey sent me this link... totally funny! make sure you have your speakers on. cin, this is for you. … [Read more...]

a new baby!

tabitha audrey was born at 5:15 pm, thursday, march 25. she weighs 8 lbs 4oz, and is 19.5 inches long. she has brown hair, and dark eyes. both mom and dad sound happy and suprizingly not tired. i'm going to go for a visit this afternoon. from all accounts she is beautiful. … [Read more...]

candy isn’t that sweet…

my dad brought miss candy down to meet the rocker and i last night. let me say this, candy LOVES my dad. LOVES. not likes, LOVES. we walked the two dogs, and candy (off leash, i might add) never got more than 5 feet away from him. it was really cute. she kept looking back to see if he was with her. funny. we went out to dinner, and left candy with daisy. candy tried to beat up daisy, daisy backed down. it was funny to see daisy put in her place like that. anyway, we got back to the … [Read more...]

what about houston in april?

i really need a vacation. i've needed one for a long time. my last vacation was a personal hell, and i've not done anything to remedy the situation... my mom has suggested that i go visit her in houston for easter. sounds like an interesting proposition. it's just for a long weekend... but it sounds a bunch better than being here. i'd love to go to ireland again. i'm a bit miffed at myself for listening to the rocker and not purchasing a ticket when i could have gone for a trip, all … [Read more...]

sharks vs. detroit

the rocker won tickets to the sharks vs. detroit when he went to this signing thing for his friend. so, there he was, waiting in line to get this jersey signed, and they announced, you won tickets to the sharks vs. detroit game. he has yet to tell his friend that he didn't pay for the seats. his friend thinks he did. anyway, we went to the game, and it was pompom night. yeah for me! i got to wave pompoms around everytime the sharks scored. actually, i thought i might be a red wings fan … [Read more...]

couples therapy part 1

the rocker and i had our first session of couples therapy last night. very interesting stuff. we really didn't talk much about us. we talked about him for a minute, we talked about me for a minute... we talked about us for a minute. all in all, i think it is going to be a helpful process. we are both going to learn how to tell each other what we want. and, despite what i may think, the rocker has moved in. the therapist said so. gotta go with the impartial third party. it's the right … [Read more...]

the sabercats win it again!

so, saturday night was sabercats night. the rocker and i went out to dinner at rockbottom, went to our favorite used record store, and then waited for the game to start. saturday nights give-a-way was a 2 pin set... signifying the 10 year anniversary of the team. kinda a stupid give-a-way. last week they passed out mouse pads with the schedule on them. i liked that. anyway, the rocker and i figured out how to bring beer into the game. the rocker really liked that, although the beer … [Read more...]